Thursday, March 22

summer lovin' babe

mood: i have to be happy though I fuckin' miss him already.
music: Firefly-Tori Amos; Lose control- M.Elliott; Pullin me back- Chingy

Pinch me or slap me please. I just cannot believe that those days- late night studying, lengthy rehearsals, just-outside-the-room flirtings, childish professors, midnight coffees- of never ending deadlines posted on my forehead finally ceased.

I feel a sense of mixed emotions right now. I am not that happy about ending this semester just yet. Maybe because, for sometime, i had not really considered schooling as something responsible students must do but as something that had proven to be a lot better.

I looked forward in going to school during my each waking day. Not because i fancy someone- well, partly- but because schooling had been a time continuum for me. I never thought that i would be so absorbed with amusing daydreams of the pantheon, colosseum and palatino that i did not notice the approach of beach season- if not for the harsh heat of the sun, i wouldn't really feel the coming of April.

True that time passes by so quickly if you got L-O-V-E doing what you do. Beats me why. I have yet to ask Einstein if it can be the other way around. It is better if you are so into your situatedness that time moves slowly and hate your situatedness that time moves so quickly. But i guess time is really relative. Different perceptions of time for each person.

While the end of 2nd sem. has not kicked in my system yet, there is never a reason for me to hate all the free time I am having right now.

At last I can finish reading Making Friends with Hitler now, play lotsa Frisbees with friends, do more long trips with my peeps, and capture each and every moment with my trusty camera.- I want an SLR though. Seriously.

Drum roll. I have arranged travel plans for May already but have yet to think about April. Heard a lot of cool and intriguing stories about my friend's hacienda in Cagayan that i seriously wanna go there this summer.-Or not and just do whatever comes at the moment.

Sigh. So many places, so little time. So much time, so little effort.- kidding, this is a different story already which i may post the next time i log in.