Friday, October 3

Read Between the Lines

Mood: Excited
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I am finally going on a break! Thank goodness. I need it and have been waiting for it.

Oct 24: Panglao
Dec 25: Boracay--again, and again.

I can't wait for Panglao. I am going with the most self aware persons i have ever met. Feels good to know that i will be surrounded with people who have thoroughness with a little bit of superficiality.

So sick of being with people who are so one-dimensional, where only booze, sex, and crazy shit are the only things they talk about. Of course, it is fun to talk about these things but it gets boring in the long run especially if you know that self-growth had stopped and superficiality is eating you alive.

It has been two years since my last visit to Panglao. Had there been any changes? We'll see.

Me and one of my best buds