Friday, March 31

I cancelled out on going to Tiesto or Hed Kandi tonight. Decided to take a rest from the party scene, and just stay at home or hang out at a friend's place. Ima look forward and go instead to Kaskade, april 12 at Coconut Palace. I haven't been myself lately; i feel like there's this little boy who always watch me wherever i go. I fucking hate the feeling, scary. I blame my friend allah for this.

My tita came home from LA. She got me an ipod shuffle so i won't be buying this ipod nano anymore, not until i get tired of the shuffle.

I'm glad to be sober today. I miss boody.


Wednesday, March 22

lotsa fun time babeee

Started my day right, fixed myself a healthy breakfast, loaded up on my daily calcium intake, and observed the golden sunrise. But i felt crappy after taking my fucking geography test, ugh. I was so pissed because i didn't know the answers to some of the easiest question! Anyway forget it, i just wanna savor the feeling of anticipating the sun months, oh yeah beach here i come again!

March 31: Tiesto
April: Photography Lessons
April 10: Caliraya, Laguna
Holy Week: Puerto Galera
May 18-21: Boracay

Sunbathing, camwhoring, lotsa spa, and shopping!!!! I can hardly wait.


Tuesday, March 7

watch me, like me, envy me

Paris was apparently confuckulated here, wearing a short dress (hmm, i wonder which designer she got that cute dress) and spreading her legs? Either she's truly a whore who wants unlimited free sex or she's just some fashion pioneer. But whatever, i'd still give her a piece of cronk! Mind you, i think she's sitting on some poor girl.

This is vaguely familiar. I got this feeling that i saw something similar to this one.

Oh yeah, it's this one that i've seen first plus the other one where she's doing the lapdance thing with Nick Carter. I hear you right, she's a super whore. But what can we do? To each his own my dear.

Paris Hilton refused an invitation to strip for playboy. She claimed that playboy was literally running after her since she was a teenager.

"They've asked me a million times," Hilton said. "Hef has been after me since I was 17, and I got offered a lot of money. But I'll never do it." Asked why she refused the Playboy offer, she replied: "Because I'm Paris Hilton."

"Because i'm Paris Hilton" Dang, i wanna hear her say those cheap words again with her sweet bitch accent. i miss the old simple life days, wherein me and my buddies did nothing but slag those two dumb bitches. ha ha

Anyway, there's no need for Paris to strip for playboy, because she's been caught stripping everywhere. So what is left for her to show or strip?

I once liked Paris because of her million dollar face. In reverse. I might just give her my famous snooty face. ha ha. She's nothing without her folks' ackers. I'd even bet on my Prada dress that she'll be stripping away in Vegas or grab that playboy stint thing if she hadn't been a Hilton. She has the wealth, the beauty, and a peebrain. Envy her? Nooooo way! Huh. Oh well, you can't have it all, but i have it all. ha ha ha. Cheers!

Fuck on cocaine everyone!

Much love,